Natural gas

What is?

Natural gas is a mixture of light hydrocarbons in a gaseous state, which is mostly made up of methane and ethane and to a lesser extent propane, butanes, pentanes and heavier hydrocarbons. Generally, this mixture contains impurities such as water vapour, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Other times it can contain impurities such as hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and helium.

Natural gas is found, like oil, in underground deposits in one of the following states:

  • Associated: when it is mixed with the crude when it is extracted from the reservoir.
  • Free or unassociated: when it is found in a reservoir, which only contains gas.


Natural gas is used as a raw material or as a fuel in the industrial, petrochemical, thermoelectric, domestic, commercial and land transportation sectors. The use of natural gas as fuel in the above sectors replaces energy sources such as electricity, LPG, ACPM, kerosene, fuel oil, heavy crude oil and coal in the industrial area; electricity, LPG, kerosene in the domestic and commercial sector; and gasoline and diesel in transportation.

It can be used in different gas appliances such as stoves (domestic or industrial), heaters, dryers, ovens and fryers.

  • It is cheaper than other types of fuels.
  • The service is provided continuously.
  • Does not require space in the building for storage
  • It is delivered safely through the pipeline.
  • It is a light and odorless fuel that when combusted does not produce toxic gases or any type of residue (ash or soot).
  • Ensures that the place where the gas appliances are located has proper ventilation.
  • Never handle or hit the conductive natural gas pipe.

Components of the natural gas installation

Connection charge

The charge for connection is that external connection of the gas network, which is made up of the connection (it is the pipe that connects the metering center with the main gas network to be able to supply the service), the metering center that includes the regulation system (regulator, elevator, shut-off valve, elbows and piping) and the meter where the volume of gas that the customer consumes periodically will be recorded.

Internal installation

It is the set of pipes and accessories that go from the measurement center to the gas appliance, they are generally made of copper pipe, pealpe, or galvanized steel pipe.

Prior review and/or initial certification

These are the tightness, leaks, and operation tests that must be carried out on the installations before being put into service, and/or all those established by current regulations, standards, or instructions.