Remember: The ethical line is not the channel for receiving requests, claims and appeals related to the provision of the service. It will also not be the means to report damages or emergencies. If you need to make a request of this type, please click on the following button:

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We have created this space for direct and confidential communication between you and the top management of our company, so that you can report any situation or conduct that goes against the principles, duties and values that must be applied by all employees and contractors in the service of Llanogas.

In the following map you can see the location of each location symbol, facts and rules that go against our ethical conduct, we invite you to click on each one to learn more about the concepts.

Since you know the facts and rules that go against our ethical conduct.

Our company plays fair, let's play fair to our company. If you see any irregular conduct, report it to the Ethics Line, we will be attentive to your complaints.