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It is a credit quota that is granted to customers of the domiciliary natural gas service who have presented good payment habits in our commercial system; this quota can be used for the purchase and installation of gas appliances for your home *or the conversion to Vehicular Natural Gas* , which is deferred in monthly installments that are canceled through the utility bill.

With the payment of your monthly installments you are freeing up credit, so that you can continue to use it for more products or services.

Pre-approved quotas are assigned by municipality, type of use and strata.:


You can purchase the conversion of your vehicle to Natural Gas Vehicle and/or your appliances that run on natural gas, such as: Rotisserie, Bain Marie, Barbecue / Bbq, Boiler, Heater, Hood, Fireplace, Air conditioner, Deck, Stove, Fryer, Greca, Oven, Bithermal washing machine, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Ironing board, Sauna, Dryer, Steam, among others.

You can visit any of our offices, or request a visit from one of our strategic allies through our web page or telephone hotline 3115550906.

Our partner will contact you to know and quote the product and/or service you need, as well as for the subscription of the documents required for the financing.

All natural gas service customers who:

  • Have an active subscription to the public natural gas utility service
  • Have paid the service bill within the last six (6) months on or before the due date.
  • No service suspensions in the last six (6) months.
  • Have available space.

If you are the owner and you do not appear as the holder of the natural gas service bill, you must present the following documents through our website or at our offices:

  • Photocopy of the new owner's identification card.
  • Copy of the certificate of freedom and tradition with one month of antiquity (if the property has a deed).
  • Copy of the deed of sale (if the property does not have a deed).
  • Photocopy of a natural gas bill.

You can approach one of our offices or directly with the strategic partner that provided or rendered the service.

You can defer your financing from one to thirty-six (36) monthly installments.

Yes, at any time you can cancel the total amount of your financing, this procedure does not generate any penalty or additional cost. On the contrary, by canceling early you save the interest on the installments you advance.