• Photocopy of the owner's identity card. If the person residing in the property is not the owner, attach authorization from the owner to access the service.
  • Photocopy of property tax.
  • Certificate of Real Estate Registration issued no more than 90 days, or failing that, a copy of the Public Deed or a copy of the Property Purchase Promise.
  • If applicable: copy of the act of adjudication of the property, housing assignment resolution, notarial declaration of regular possession together with its existing improvements and annexes. In the case of the notarial declaration, it must be dated no more than 3 months prior to the filing of the application.
  • Stratification certificate issued by the Mayor's Office, or failing that, a copy of a receipt from another residential public service (electricity or aqueduct and sewage).
  • Report an email address.

*If you carried out the internal installation of your home or business establishment with an installation firm, you will also present these requirements

  • House built with definition of enclosures (to be roofed and with external doors). Have an independent kitchen with permanent ventilation.
  • The place of installation of the meter must allow easy access to it, since there must be no construction material, fences, plants or any element that makes access difficult.
  • The property must not be located in a high-risk zone, in a water protection zone (slopes, rivers, pipes, ravines) or wetlands according to the Land Use Planning.
  • Existence of networks on the platform of the property. In case of not having the networks in the sector, the user must make the request for expansion, through our website.

In the event that the connection to the public service of residential natural gas by network is carried out by a third party on behalf of the subscriber, an authorization and/or special power of attorney must be attached, with acknowledgment of signature before a notary or inspection, which includes at least the express power to sign the following documents:

  • The contract for the provision of services or contract of uniform conditions
  • Authorization to report to the subscriber before the credit bureaus
  • Authorization for the processing of personal data, in accordance with the purposes established in the company's privacy policies.
  • The service order.

Si el pago es financiado debe manifestar:

  • If the payment is financial Authorization to sign the credit application on behalf of the subscriber must state:
  • The number of installments to which you want to defer the credit.
  • Autorización para suscribir el pagaré en blanco y la carta de instrucciones.


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