¿What is an Inspection Body?

It is an organization that, due to its technical competence, is recognized by the National Accreditation Agency of Colombia - ONAC to carry out evaluation and inspection activities of internal gas installations. The standard used to evaluate Accredited Inspection Bodies is ISO/IEC 17020.

As of Resolution 059 of 2012 of the Energy and Gas Regulation Commission -CREG, users of the residential public natural gas service have the possibility of choosing whether to carry out the Inspection and Certification activities of their internal gas installations, directly with the distribution company -in this case with Llanogas- or through an inspection body accredited by the ONAC.

Find here the OIA/OCA Registration Instructions before Llanogas S.A. E.S.P. BIC and communication criteria.

Registration for accredited bodies

In this space, register as an Accredited Inspection Body, in accordance with current regulations Resolution 059 of 2012 and 90902 of 2013.

Upload of results reports and/or certificates of compliance

Accredited Inspection Body, here you can upload:

  • Inspection results reports or certificates of conformity.
  • The report of critical defects for the suspension of the service by Llanogas.
  • Service reconnection requests to carry out technical tests.

Get to know the list of Accredited Inspection Bodies

In compliance with Resolution 059 of 2012, we publish here the list of inspection bodies accredited by the ONAC and that have registered with our company to provide this service to our users.

Consult the list of Inspection Bodies accredited before the ONAC and registered with Llanogas, without contractual bond


If you want to know the complete list of Inspection Bodies Accredited before the ONAC you can do it on the website