Installation Firms

*It is important to note that the firms that are registered with Llanogas S.A. E.S.P. BIC they are not endorsed and have no employment or contractual relationship with our company or its contractors.

*The construction of the internal installation or its repair can be carried out with any of the installation firms.

Installation firms registered with Llanogas are subject to a registration record created by legal requirement of the SIC. The actions that emanate from the exercise of its activities as a commercial company, commercial establishment, quality, suitability and guarantee for the work carried out are your sole and entire responsibility.

The result of quality and suitability for any work carried out in the construction and repair of internal installations, must be assumed directly by the installation firm. Once the internal installation complies with the optimal conditions in accordance with current technical standards, remember to request the mandatory inspection to obtain your certificate of conformity and thus provide the home public service of natural gas through the network.

Installation firms with current requirements: Firms that to date have updated requirements to carry out activities in internal gas installations.

Installation firms without current requirements: Firms that to date DO NOT have updated requirements to carry out activities in internal gas installations.

Remember that the repairs of the Measurement Center can only be carried out with Llanogas S.A. E.S.P. BIC (Distributor).

Register as an installation company

Consult the procedure to register as an installation firm.

Once you have the documents described at hand, and if you wish to file the application in person, you can present them physically at the Llanogas offices or through our virtual page Petitions, complaints and claims section.

The response to your procedure will be made via the web or physically within a period not exceeding 15 business days.

Linking users of installer firms

When acquiring the internal installation with one of the installation firms registered with Llanogas, you must approach any of the Llanogas S.A. E.S.P. BIC agencies. with the technical and documentary requirements demanded according to the type of use that will be given to the service (see Home Requirements or Business Requirements). Additionally, you must submit the documentation provided by the installation firm:

  • Minutes of delivery of new individual lines made by Installation Firms, fully completed.
  • Technical sheet of the equipment to be installed indicating the nominal power of the device and the type.
  • Certification of conformity of the materials used for the construction of the internal installation.
  • When the property is new or has undergone structural reforms, you must present the calculation report, which includes physical plans and on CD.
Suggested Format for the Individual Facility Delivery Certificate

List of registered installation firms

Download the installer signature file in PDF.

Download the file