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Quality politics

We are committed to continuously improving our processes effectively, ensuring compliance with the purpose, value proposition and applicable requirements, as well as the positive impact on the organization's stakeholders.

Road Safety Policy

Habeas Data Policy

Below, learn about our Policy for the treatment of Information and Databases of Llanogas S.A.

Environmental Policy

In Llanogas S.A. E.S.P. BIC We are aware of the relationship with the environment in the development of natural gas distribution and marketing missionary activities in the departments of Meta, Cundinamarca and Guaviare. It has proposed to be a benchmark in the implementation of sustainable energy solutions in the region, generating shared value through an offer of efficient services with high quality standards and consistent with the challenges and opportunities in terms of climate change mitigation.

Sandra Giovanna Gómez Castañeda - Legal Representative Version: 1. 28/06/2021

In this way, the organization generates the following commitments: ⬇

Occupational health and safety policy

We develop our activities guaranteeing the safety and health of our workers, contractors, subcontractors, visitors and the community where we operate. We comply with the applicable legislation and other requirements subscribed to the business by managing occupational risks, through the implementation and continuous improvement of the Health and Safety Management System in the services offered and activities associated with them.

We prevent and control the risks of incidents, accidents and occupational diseases of our collaborators and interest groups.

We have programs, resources and actions necessary for the consultation and participation of collaborators, the prevention of health deterioration and the risk factors associated with the organization's activities, prioritizing the management of ergonomic, mechanical and , biological, road safety, heights and psycho-occupational to provide safe and healthy working conditions.

Sandra Giovanna Gómez Castañeda - Legal Representative- Version 04. 09/28/2020