What is a periodic review?

The safety of your home and your family is a priority for Llanogas. Your internal installation of natural gas and gas appliances need to be checked periodically to protect your life and that of your loved ones from the dangerous effects of carbon monoxide.

For this reason, Llanogas has implemented Periodic Reviews, a process decreed by the National Government, through which the good condition of your internal natural gas facilities is verified every five years. The Periodic Review process must be carried out in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Installations.

The Energy and Gas Regulation Commission -CREG, issued Resolution 059 of 2012, which establishes a minimum term and a maximum term to carry out the Periodic Review.

In turn, the Ministry of Mines and Energy issued a regulation through which it is established who will be responsible for carrying out said procedure, as well as the responsibilities and rights of the distributors and users (Resolution 90 902 of October 24, 2013).

What is the Minimum Term and the Maximum Term?

What is the Periodic Review in Industries?

It is the mandatory inspection of the internal gas installation for installations that are 60 months old, carried out by an Accredited Inspection Body, within the minimum and maximum terms defined in this Resolution, carried out in compliance with current standards or Technical Regulations.

In the Periodic Review of industrial buildings, it must be verified that they have a maintenance program for the industrial plant that includes the review of the installation and at least the following tests:

  • Pipe tightness and pressure te.
  • Verification of measures to prevent corrosion (if applicable).
  • Installation grounding tests.

What is a gas main line?

Línea Matriz

To supply natural gas to all the users of a co-ownership, there is a whole system of exterior or interior pipes, generally located in the common areas of the building, which allow the gas to be taken to the metering centers of each individual user.

This system, called the Matrix Line, forms part of the gas supply installation and is comprised between the outlet of the shut-off valve at the connection to the multi-user building, and the corresponding individual consumption meters. This is determined by the NTC 2505 standard.

In this sense, the Periodic Review of the matrix line guarantees the safety of all users and must be carried out every 5 years. The Ministry of Mines and Energy through its legal regulations has established that when there is a main gas line that feeds more than one user, the inspection will be carried out only once in the corresponding period.

Step by step of the Periodic Review

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¿Por qué se suspende el servicio?

Según la Resolución CREG 059 de 2012, el distribuidor, en este caso Llanogas S.A. E.S.P. podrá suspender  o descontinuar el servicio, previa notificación escrita al usuario, en los siguientes casos:

  • Suspensión por vencimiento de plazo máximo
  • Suspensión por defecto crítico

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