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Using this virtual channel, in a very easy way and without leaving your home, you will be able to register services, requests, complaints, claims, appeals or congratulations related to the provision of our services.

To properly receive your SRCCA's select one of the following options.

Before registering a request, complaint, claim or congratulation, we tell you what each one is.


Formal request of general or particular character presented by the subscriber, user and/or owner, by means of which he/she requests information with respect to the provision of the domiciliary public gas service.


It is the requirement through which you can express a disagreement about the performance of our employees for the care provided or any failure in the service provided.


It is the requirement through which to express a disagreement about the values charged in your invoice.

Appeal for Reconsideration:

Formal act presented by the interested party before the person who made the decision, within five days following its personal notification or by notice, for clarification, modification, addition or revocation of the decision.

Certain decisions that affect the provision of the service or the execution of the contract are subject to appeal, such as: acts of refusal of the contract, suspension, termination, cut-off and invoicing.

Appeal for reconsideration with subsidy of Appeal:

Once the appeal for reconsideration has been resolved and the decision has been notified (to confirm, modify or revoke the initial administrative act), the company forwards the file of all the proceedings to the functional superior, which in this case is the Superintendency of Residential Public Utilities, who will resolve the appeal filed as a subsidiary appeal.


It is a manifestation of recognition of the performance of our collaborators for the attention provided or the service rendered.