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Frequent questions

Due to non-payment on the deadline indicated on the invoice, due to a critical defect identified during the Periodic Review, due to expiration of the period to carry out the Periodic Review (applies to individual lines and main lines), due to reforming your installation and not certifying it within the term pointed out by Llanogas.

There is a single payment deadline, after which, if you do not cancel, the service will be suspended.

From the moment you make the payment, the company makes the reconnection within the next 24 business hours.

Any. It is not necessary for you to call because the company proceeds to make the reconnection within the following 24 hours, once the payment has been made.

You can generate it and consult it through the website, link Clients and users, Your invoice. By registering the 13 numbers of the user code or the payment reference, remember to have the pop-up elements activated.

Receive your digital invoice with these simple steps, Go to customers and users section, Your invoice, Receive your invoice by mail, there look for the corresponding button and fill out the form, remember beforehand you must register in the virtual office.

Yes, download our application on your cell phone and access the item download your invoice.

Yes, just by scanning the QR code that you find on the back of the invoice and entering the 13 numbers of the user code you can generate and consult it; With this digital option you will always have your gas bill at hand to consult it from your cell phone and at any time.

On the website, link Customers and users, Your invoice, Payment points. You will find the points where you can pay your natural gas bill in each of the municipalities. The authorized points are: Cotrem, Consuerte, Efecty, Puntos Baloto, Puntos Éxito, Grupo Aval Correspondents, Bancolombia Correspondents, Banco Popular Office, PSE Button, Banco de Bogotá Bank Portals, Bancolombia, Davivienda, Colpatria Scotiabank, ATH ATMs, Redeban Dataphones and Super Twists in San José del Guaviare.

You can make your payment digitally through our PSE button found on the page or through our physical allies Cotrem, Efecty, and Consuerte y Supergiros in San José del Guaviare.

You can contact our customer service line (608) 6819080, through our transactional portal located on our website, in the form resolve your debt, or in our Customer Service Centers located in our Municipalities, where you can request alternatives financing.

You cannot manipulate any device of the measurement center, this work is only carried out by Llanogas personnel; in an emergency, if necessary you can close the valve.

This must be carried out by competent personnel who are registered as an installation firm or directly with Llanogas S.A. BIC.

It is important that the user informs Llanogas of these modifications, remember that if the repairs change the design and conditions of the facilities, they must be inspected by the Accredited Inspection Bodies or through our company.

It is an inspection that you must hire to verify the proper functioning of the internal installation, gas appliances and main lines; The objective of the Periodic Review is to ensure your safety and that of your family and/or collaborators. It is carried out in periods of 55 to 60 months (between the minimum term and the maximum term), you can do it through Llanogas or directly with the Accredited Inspection Bodies (OIA) by the National Accreditation Body of Colombia (ONAC) and registered to provide the service in the municipalities covered by the company.

To supply natural gas to all the users of a co-ownership, there is a whole system of exterior or interior pipes, generally located in the common areas of the building, which allow the gas to be taken to the metering centers of each individual user. This system must be certified every 5 years, since the Ministry of Mines and Energy through its legal regulations has established that when there is a main gas line that feeds more than one user, the inspection will be carried out only once in the corresponding period.

No. All charges are made exclusively through the invoice.

You must submit the certificate of freedom and tradition of the property with one month of validity, a photocopy of the citizenship card of the new owner, and a copy of the gas service invoice of the property.

Send the stratification certificate issued by the Planning Secretariat of the respective municipality, in which the administrative act must be stipulated, the date of its issuance and a copy of the gas service invoice of the property.

You can request damage prevention information on our website Route: Emergencies- Prevent damage to networks. In response to your request, information and plans of the gas networks in the intervention sector will be delivered, as well as contact information to schedule a visit.